Heimatfest Back for 2021

The Heimatfest has is currently planning for the 2021 Heimatfest. Contingency plans will be in place for events and the Heimatfest as a whole should we need to increase social distancing, change the venue, or modify attendance. Please check back often for updates or follow us at https://www.facebook.com/heimatfest/

Thank You to Our Corporate Partners

We want to recognize our corporate partners that donated to the Heimatfest in uncertain times. It is this community-mindedness that allows the Heimatfest to further its mission: Enable Ferdinand to Prosper by Helping Dubois County Grow. You can see a full list here.

The Ferdinand Heimatfest committee truly appreciates the support and generosity of all our local sponsors! 


The overarching mission of the Ferdinand Heimatfest is: Enable Ferdinand to Prosper by Helping Dubois County Grow. With this mission in mind, money raised through Heimatfest is donated back into the community through the Ferdinand Community Endowment and the Dubois County Community Foundation – General Fund.


We choose to support the Ferdinand Community Endowment in an effort to further the progress of our great town for years to come. We see the need for continued progress to keep the town that we love thriving. In addition, we donate a portion of the money raised to the DCCF – General Fund. As a committee, we recognize that Ferdinand cannot stand alone. We need all other Dubois County communities to continue the same progress. Without commitment to growing our collective communities, we cannot hope to retain and attract employers that provide jobs for families, bring kids into schools, and funnel resources back into our local economy.




Funded in part by the Dubois County Visitors Center - www.visitduboiscounty.com - 800.968.4578